In addition to relieving stress and providing irritation relief for your dog’s skin, Orange essential oil has many other benefits for dogs. Read on to learn how this gentle but effective essential oil can help your pup.

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard someone talk about the healing properties of essential oils. And they really do have some amazing mental, emotional and physical healing properties for people.

Do they have similar effects on dogs? With the recent success of essential oils, many pet parents are curious about this approach but aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea. Here’s the skinny and what you need to know about using essential oils in general (and orange essential oil in particular) for your dog.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated, aromatic oils extracted from plants through a distillation (most often by steam) process. The quality of the oil is impacted by several conditions—the sunlight, altitude, and even how much water a plant receives. 

How Do Essential Oils Help Dogs?

Essential oils can help with everything from skin irritations to fighting fleas. Some essential oils are calming and help dogs who are prone to anxiety and stress. 

Always Use High-quality essential oils for your pets.

Some low-quality oils contain harmful chemical ingredients such as pesticides or pollutants, and inferior distillation and storage methods can destroy the natural health and therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils. That said, always use high-quality (therapeutic-grade), 100% pure essential oils. 

What is Orange Essential Oil?

Orange Oil is extracted from the orange fruit peel which contains the cells that hold the fruit’s volatile fatty oil glands. The liquid end product that comes from this extraction process is a combination of orange juice and orange essential oil. They gradually begin to separate from each other, at which point the essential oil is collected.

Orange Essential Oil Uses

Aromatherapy Uses 

Orange Essential Oil can deodorize the air while emitting its own fresh and energizing scent. Simply inhaling the scent of the oil has a sedative, relaxing effect that simultaneously reduces anxiety and contributes to the feeling of being alert. 

Topical Uses

Treating skin irritations with orange essential oil will eliminate bacteria, soothe inflammation, reduce pain and swelling, and prevent dryness. 

Using orange essential oil in shampoo eliminates bacteria, reduces dandruff and itchiness by restoring moisture, and balances the skin’s pH without removing any of its vital natural oils. 

What Are Orange Essential Oil Benefits?

Now that you’ve seen some uses for orange essential oil, maybe you’re thinking “ok, I’ve seen ways to use it, but really, what is orange essential oil good for?” 

Benefits of using orange oil:

  • Deodorizes unpleasant smells such as cooking smells and pet odors
  • Boosts motivation and mental clarity while also being calming and reducing stress
  • In bathing, has anti-bacterial and cleansing properties while enhancing a sense of relaxation
  • Topically, increases blood flow which relieves discomfort from inflammation, headaches, injuries, infection, and arthritis
  • Cleanses and detoxifies skin while also nourishes and soothes dryness and irritation.
  • Anti-microbial properties prevent bacterial growth and infection in cuts, abrasions, and other wounds.
  • Orange oil is effective in killing ants, both inside and outside the house. 

Is Orange Essential Oil Safe For Dogs?

When used safely, orange essential oil is very safe and helpful for dogs. For dogs, orange oil is energizing, helps with skin irritations and is effective for deodorizing dog odors and repelling fleas.

Is Orange Essential Oil Good For Dogs Itchy Skin?

Yes, the same properties that allow orange oil to cleanse and detoxify skin while also nourishing and soothing dryness and irritation in humans work similarly for dogs.

How To Safely Use Essential Oils Around Pets

When Diffusing

Just like each person reacts differently to medicine, each animal can react differently to essential oils. When you first start using essential oils with your pets (or adding in new oils) start slowly so you can see how your pet reacts.

Add 1-2 drops of the chosen oil into an essential oil diffuser and allow the aroma to permeate the room in 10-minute intervals.

Be sure to keep a door open so your pet can leave the room if the smell starts to become bothersome. Try this with any essential oil you want to use and carefully monitor your pet’s reactions.

Topical Use

NOTE: Never apply undiluted essential oils onto your dog’s skin or fur.

Essential oils straight out of the bottle are way too potent to be applied topically to your pet, as the strength of essential oils is based on the human body (which equals a 100-pound dog). To avoid irritations, you should always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil. 

Additionally, dogs’ skin is thinner and much more sensitive than human skin. Use essential oils with caution to avoid irritation.

Always avoid using essential oils, especially undiluted, on your own skin where your dog may lick you or where you might rub against your dog’s fur.

Diluting orange essential oil with a carrier oil like cold-pressed olive oil, fractionated coconut oil, or sweet almond oil is crucial for using essential oils safely for your pooch.

Use These Safety Tips When Using Essential Oils For Dogs

Dogs are more sensitive to essential oils than humans, so even if you’re familiar with them for yourself, remember that it’s a different story with your dog.

  • Only use essential oils with your dogs to address a specific, ongoing and active concern – not to “prevent” a health issue.
  • Do not add essential oils to your dog’s food or drinking water.
  • Avoid using essential oils with puppies under 10 weeks of age and with pregnant or nursing dogs.
  • Do not use oils on epileptic dogs or dogs who are seizure-prone.
  • Do not use around the eyes, ear, nose, or genitals.
  • Exercise caution with pregnant or nursing pets.
  • Know your pet’s health status and behavior, and discontinue use if concerns arise.

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Tell us in the comments: have you ever tried using orange essential oil for your dog?