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Vitamin E antioxidant, protects skin from UV damage and free radicals

Glycerin – treats skin infections while moisturizing and soothing skin

Coconut oil – anti-microbial properties naturally kill harmful microorganisms

Almond oil – helps heal and bring moisture to irritated skin

Peppermint oil – soothing and cooling abilities help irritated skin; deodorant

Lavender Oil – calm, soothe skin, stop itching, deodorizing

Cedarwood oil – reduce inflammation; soothe and stop itching


Chamomile – reduce inflammation, soothe skin, speed up


Eucalyptus – both antiseptic and antibacterial properties which clean your dog’s skin; anti-inflammatory

Citronella – reduces sore muscles, deodorize body odor, insect repellant, improve moisture absorption



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