In the dog world, cedarwood oil is beneficial for more than just getting rid of fleas. There are lots of cedarwood oil benefits for both dogs’ skin and mood – and some of them might surprise you. Plus, there are some great benefits for dog owners to reap as well!

Let’s look closer at this amazing essential oil. It’s a powerhouse with lots of proven ways it helps dogs and humans both.

Cedarwood Oil Benefits for Dogs

When you hear the name cedarwood oil, what comes to mind? Is it cedar chests or an old essential oil with time-tested remedies? Whatever you imagine, it’s pretty powerful for dogs and fantastic for their skin.

Cedarwood Essential Oil 101

In order to learn how good it is for dogs, and why it’s an ingredient in our product line, I want to share a bit about this oil actually is first.

Cedarwood oil is an essential oil that is derived from cedar trees. There are many species of Cedar trees, and each oil distilled from them will be labeled with the species name, since each one has different benefits. Cedarwood oil is commonly used in aromatherapy, as well as on skin and hair.

Types of Cedarwood Oil

There are 5 common types of cedarwood oil, and each one has different benefits than the others. 

Atlas (Cedrus atlantica)

This species is found in Morocco. Atlas cedarwood oil contains strong woody and sweet scents and is therefore commonly used in perfumes and colognes. It is also ideal in preventing or healing skin abrasions and acne. It is also mostly used in reducing dandruff or dry scalp.

Chinese (Cupressus funebris)

This species is found in China, hence the name. It contributes anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in relieving muscle or joint pain and stiffness.

Himalayan (Cedrus deodora)

This species is found in India. It has a strong smoky smell. It has antiseptic qualities as well as being a natural form of stimulation for aphrodisiac blends. 

Texas (Juniperus ashei / mexicana)

This species is found in the USA. It has a sweet balsamic scent. It is well known for its balancing properties and is also ideal for respiratory issues, like coughs.

Virginian (Juniperus virginiana)

This species is found in the USA. It has a smell very similar to Sandalwood. It is excellent in relieving stress in the body and mind and is used to treat symptoms of anxiety and tension.

Cedarwood Oil in History

In history, cedarwood oil has an interesting past. In Ancient Egypt, the antimicrobial properties made it useful in the mummifying process. Since cedarwood is also known for relaxing the mind and body, it was commonly used for religious and spiritual events as well.

While we don’t use oils for mummifying (thank goodness, y’all!), it still holds a lot of the other uses in today’s society.

Now, onto why it’s great for our pups specifically.

Is Cedarwood Oil Safe for Dogs?

Yes! Cedarwood oil has benefits for dogs, much like humans. However, there are steps and procedures to take when using this oil on your dog. 

We suggest using it as part of an effective regimen, like our Mutt Scrub products. This will prevent any possible allergic reactions.

Introduce Essential Oils Slowly

If you want to try and diffuse this oil around your dog, introduce is slowly. This has a strong scent, and dogs have powerful noses. If your dog is feeling uneasy about the scents around them, the oil may actually bring them more stress than relaxation.

After your dog is used to the diffuser distributing the cedarwood oil, you can begin applying it topically. Always apply oils to the back of the dog’s neck so that they aren’t able to lick it away or ingest any oils. 

Your other option for getting those awesome cedarwood benefits on your pup is to use them properly diluted within a natural product, such as our Mutt Scrub products. We blend cedarwood oil in with multiple other beneficial essential oils so that your dog gets the best combination possible.

They will love the scent and you will too!

Will Cedarwood Oil Hurt Dogs?

No, it won’t hurt the dogs. However, if you diffuse it around them, they might get overwhelmed with the smell and start sneezing. Remember, if used on its own, it’s a strong scent!

Cedarwood Oil Uses

There are lots of uses for cedarwood oil on dogs. Utilizing cedarwood oil for fleas is a popular home remedy.

This oil can also help calm hyperactive dogs and might even make them feel sleepy or relaxed. It might even do the same for you as your bathing them!

Some of the other common uses and benefits of cedarwood are:

  • Deodorize dogs or spaces they dwell in
  • Repel insects
  • Ease stress and tension
  • Encourage a good night’s sleep

Cedarwood oil is beneficial for dog skin too. It can soothe redness and irritation and moisturize the area to prevent dry skin.

There are medicinal benefits as well. Use this oil on your dog to relieve pain from joint and muscle aches, reduce stiffness throughout the body, and stimulate circulation which will also relieve pain in trouble areas quicker.

What Essential Oils are Dangerous for Dogs?

Although cedarwood oil is safe for use on your pup, not all essential oils are. Some oils can be poisonous if ingested, or even dangerous to be applied topically or through breathing. It is easy to confuse natural substances with safe substances.

Some of the poisonous oils for dogs are cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, tea tree, wintergreen, and ylang-ylang.

It is always important to know which oils are safe for your dog before using them in your household. Be sure to consult your veterinarian with any questions you may have.

Get Cedarwood Oil Benefits for Your Dog – the Safe Way

The best way to safely use essential oils on your pets is to purchase a natural product that has the oil blended with carrier oils and other essential oils in the proper ratio. The last thing you want to do is conduct a science experiment with oils on your precious dogs!

Our MuttScrub Kit uses the benefits of cedarwood oil to help your dog’s skin! You can check it out by clicking here.