Giving a dog a bath shouldn’t be stressful! Follow these tips and you’ll finally know how to make bath time fun for your pup – without the stress.

Why do dogs hate baths? I totally understand how difficult to get your dog into the tub. Most dogs would rather sprint through your house for hours than sit through a 5-minute bath. If they only understood how good it is for them! The last thing we want to do is give up on bathing altogether, so finding a way to fight for that needed time and make it enjoyable is crucial.

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How To Make Bath Time Fun For Your Pup

I know the struggle of doggy bathtime! That’s why I put together this list. It’s full of the most effective tips that really work. Try all of them out and you’ll find something that works for your dog.

#1 Wear Them Out First

Take your dog for a walk or run, play with them, and try to get them feeling tired before offering to give them a bath.

Sometimes, what appears to be fear or anxiety is really just pent up energy and playfulness. If you know that they are ready to relax and they still overreact to the bath, then maybe it really is some kind of fear.

Taking them for a walk will also give them a little more time to bond with you. It will establish more trust, and they will be more likely to go into the bath willingly.

#2 Have The Dog Bath Supplies Ready

This next tip will help you stay more calm and relaxed during their bath time. Prepare the bathing station ahead of time. Put the shampoo within easy reach and get the towel ready.

If you get it all ready before you bring in your dog, your stress level is bound to be much lower. Sometimes our pets feed off our energies and emotions, so doing everything you can to stay calm, cool, and collected is important for the dog’s bath time.

#3 Speak Calmly and Relax Your Dog Before Bath Time

Additionally, you should prepare your dog emotionally before the bath. Speak calmly. Give them a nice petting. If they really enjoy getting their fur brushed, do that first too.

Do whatever it takes to help your dog feel calm and relaxed. Keep your voice soft and low, and constantly praise them as they follow you into the bathroom or washroom.

#4 Keep the Water The Perfect Temperature and Not Too Loud

Another thing that freaks a lot of dogs out is the loud water gushing out of the tub faucet. Remember, dogs have sensitive hearing. The water pressure could be really loud and scare them.

Try filling the tub with water before your dog gets in. This might make it less scary to your fur-friend, and much easier to do a quick wash-up of your dog.

Pay close attention to the water temperature too. Try to make it barely warm. You don’t want it too cold, and you really don’t want to harm them with water that is too hot.

#5 Use Calming Bath Products

Before bath time even starts, spray a little bit of our Paw-Zac Anxiety spray on their neck. As you rub it in, talk soothingly. It’s formulated with lavender and chamomile essential oils. Both of these are proven to combat anxiety and encourage a sense of well-being and relaxation.

During the bath, use the 50 Shades of Spay shampoo. Not only will it make your dog smell irresistible, but it’s made with bergamot essential oil that’s shown to reduce anxiety and improve moods.

#6 Try To Figure Out What Is Making Your Dog Stressed Out

If you can, try to figure out what your pup hates about bath time. This will take some trial and error, but it will be worth it.

Change one little thing at a time and see if it helps.

The most common bath-time stressors for a dog include:

  • The noise of the bathroom – the loud water, how your voice echoes
  • Bath products that irritate their skin
  • Wrong time of day
  • Not feeling secure – try to use a non-slip surface

#7 Bring Treats

How well does your dog respond to positive reinforcement? After they get into the tub, give them a small treat and praise them! Eventually, they will begin to associate bath time with your cheers and happy treats. You want to do all you can to make this a positive time for them.

#8 Get Into The Tub With Him

If your pet is really attached to you, then it could help to get into the tub with them during bath time. Let them cuddle up to you. Show them with your body that the tub is nothing to be afraid of.

Remember when you do this to keep your voice even and soft and to be careful not to make too many sudden movements or loud splashes.

#9 Use a Non-Slip Matt

So many of our bathtubs are extra slippery. When dogs get the feeling like they are falling, it freaks them out and they want to run away. Honestly, I think I would too!

Get a non-slip matt that covers the entire bottom of your tub. This will help your sweet pet feel more secure, and if you get into the tub with them, it will also prevent you from falling down too.

Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Bath?

After bath time, how does your dog react? Lots of pups will run around the house maniacally, shaking their fur and acting like they just ingested speed.

This happens for a ton of different reasons. Maybe they’re relieved it’s over. More likely, many dogs run will around the house because they aren’t used to being clean and their new smell, so they just want to rub on everything to help that scent go away.

Also, it’s just the way they dry off. Running around, shaking, and rubbing on the carpet and furniture is how they are warming back up and drying off.

Use a towel and a dog hairdryer to get them as dry as you can before letting them take off. This should prevent your home from becoming a doggy-shower victim.

It’s Possible To Make Bath Time Fun

Yes, there really are dogs that enjoy bath time. And you can make bath time fun by just following these straightforward tips. It’s all about helping them feel and stay calm. Whether that means bathing them somewhere else or making your bathroom more dog-friendly, pay close attention to what is stressing your puppy out and try to fix it.

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