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Sometimes, you just need a distraction from day-to-day life. Thankfully, dogs are always there with plenty of opportunities for a laugh break!

We found the funniest and best dog memes from the internet. These are sure to make you laugh!

English Bull Dog smiling

Funny Dog Memes You’ll Want To Share

Which of the following funny dog memes are your favorite? Share them on your social media with all the dog-lovers that you know. Dogs are funny creatures and when you take a picture at just the right time, you never know what you’re going to get. It could be pure meme gold!

1. Happy Dog Meme

Chihuahua funny dog meme This chihuahua’s face says it best. That smile is unmistakable! What other times of pure bliss does it remind you of? Maybe it’s when you score a free cookie at your favorite coffee shop or someone ahead of you in line pays for your groceries. I’m smiling just looking at this little guy.

2. Fashionable Dog

cute dog wearing sunglasses with hair blowing This dog sure is proud to be wearing those sunglasses! I don’t know about you, but when I try to get my dog to wear sunglasses, he doesn’t sit this still. You gotta love how dashing he looks in them though!

3. Funny Dog At The Desk

Customer service dog meme File this meme under “dogs doing human things” which is always good for a laugh. What else can you imagine this dalmation saying? Perhaps he’s negotiating a lower bill for his dog food, or trying to tell you why he doesn’t need to go to the veterinarian today.

4. The Truth Comes Out

dog on back of couch Why do dogs bark at night? There isn’t much for them to bark at! This meme is so funny because it is so true. Maybe it’s like in the movieĀ 101 Dalmations and they are conveying information about lost puppies in the twilight bark. Or maybe, they are just giving the neighborhood a midnight concert.

5. Hitting The Perfect Spot

Dog petting meme This so so funny! It’s the look of pure bliss! I love it when I hit that spot on my dogs too. This image reminds me of how I feel when I get a massage or my tax refund back. You just can’t fake genuine happiness.

6. Ruff Day

dog meme of a dog sitting sadly on a couch Mondays aren’t the only days that feel like this. Oh this poor bulldog is conveying how I’ve felt before, in a real way. Of course, with dogs all it takes to turn around a bad day is a bone and a walk. If only it was that easy for us humans too.

7. Funny Winking Collie

Winking sheltie dog I love that mischievous wink, don’t you? What else can you imagine him saying? Maybe he is “agreeing” not to bark at night as soon as it gets dark. Or maybe he’s agreeing “not” to sneak off with your plate of food the minute you get up from the couch. Don’t trust this dog!

8. You Can’t Say No To This Face

Puppy holding a measuring cup in his mouth What an adorable puppy! Just try to refuse those beautiful little eyes and that soft fur. You can’t do it! Don’t worry, I’d give in too if he came to me with that little cup. This is one of the cutest funny dog memes on the list!

9. Don’t Trust The Chihuahua

Chihuahuameme Of all of the breeds of dogs out there, I trust those sneaky chihuahuas the least. Just look at that face. Do you trust it? It looks like it just got away with the worst kind of rule-breaking – which is why it’s so funny.

10. Dogs Taking the Cookies

dogs looking at cookies coming out of the oven This meme is so punny! And that hair on the dog on the right – it looks like they came from tech support. I bet they really want those cookies too. I’d give them one, they are just too sweet.

11. Dog Doesn’t Trust You Meme

Dog holding a toy in his mouth

That side-eye really makes me giggle. You can tell that sweet dog really doesn’t trust whatever is going to happen next!

12. Funny Dog Escape Attempt

Dog squishing face through a crate

Those wrinkles are seriously the best thing ever! It makes me want to go and open-up that kennel and let him out to play!

13. Dog Wants Bacon Meme

Funny dog meme about bacon

Oh the horror! No more bacon? I feel the same way when I run out of bacon too. The sheer terror is so perfectly captured.

14. Funny Dog Doesn’t Want Exercise

Dog grimacing

This meme has to be my favorite! I react the same way when someone mentions exercising! I’d rather take the extra fries too.

15. Sweet Puppy K-9 Hopeful

K9 puppy meme

How can you deny anything to this sweet and innocent face? He’ll grow up to be a courageous dog.

16. Dachshund Doesn’t Trust You

When dogs give faces like this, they have to be shared. I bet he’s also considering how far to chase the cat.

17. Dog In A Cute Coat

Dog in a coat standing on a porch

Dogs look so cute in human clothes! This coat just looks perfect on this tough guy dog, doesn’t it?

18. Innocent Corgi Dog Meme

Corgi standing between two stuffed animal corgis

This is another one of my favorite memes on the list! I love corgis, so maybe that helps.

19. No Cookies For Him

Dog covering other dog's face with paw

It’s so cute how the black lab literally puts his paws on the golden retriever’s face!

20. Bulldog At Work

Bulldog dressed in work clothes sitting at a desk

Yes, we have all been there, haven’t we? Face on the desk, hard day at work.

21. Funny Rottweiler Meme

Rottweiler meme

Rottweilers are another one of the best breeds of dogs. They have the friendliest smiles and the best personalities.

22. Sweet Puppy Tore Up the Bedroom

Pug hiding behind the couch

Those big, sweet, innocent eyes. How can you be mad at them?

23. He’s Hiding Under the Pillow

Dog standing on top of another dog underneath a pillow

The best part about this meme is the paws and legs sticking out from underneath the pillow!

24. Cute Dog in A Boa

Dog wearing a feather boa

I seriously believe that dogs think this way when we dress them up in crazy outfits.

25. Dog With Birthday Treat

Dog with a birthday treat that has two candles in it

That poor dog definitely isn’t smiling! Just give him his treats already!

26. Can’t Afford The Cat

Dachshund wearing glasses standing in front of a chalboard

There are so many things you could write as a caption for this cute dog with glasses! What would you say?

27. Good Morning From The Dog

Dog resting his face on the bed

This is so funny because it’s so true! Anyone that has ever been woken up by a loud tail knows what this sounds like.

28. Happy Dog Wants Food

Dog running with tongue hanging out

Could this dog be any happier? Either the fridge has opened up or the cat just moved out!

29. Food Goes To The Lab

dog eating a cheeseburger

The best thing about this meme is how punny it is! The food has to go to the lab for testing. The black lab, that is!

30. Funny Farting Dog Meme

Dog meme with 2 dogs in the car

This really does look like one dog farting on another one! Fart jokes are always funny!

31. Negotiating With A Yorkie

Dog meme featuring a yorkie

Yorkies have a way of really getting into your heart. Isn’t this one the sweetest thing ever?

32. Funny Dog Playing Poker

Dog playing poker

Ha! What is he thinking? Definitely that he won all the kibble on the table!

33. Winking German Shepherd

Winking German Shepherd

What a cute doggy pickup line! I love the extra wink, it’s so cute.

34. Punny Melancholy Meme

Dog with a watermelon on his head

Can you tell I love puns? Melon lab? So funny!

35. A Boy And His Dog

Dog hugging a child

There is nothing quite like the bond between a boy and his dog. This meme just grips your heart and makes you smile.

36. Dog Wants Treats

Dog meme

If you have a dog that loves treats, you know this feeling. You sit down to eat but you are never alone.

37. Dog Driving A Truck

Dog driving a truck

This is another funny meme of dogs doing human things. It’s cute because it fits so perfectly in that window.

38. Sweet Puppy Dog Eyes

Cute puppy looking at the camera with begging eyes

Yes, sweet puppy, you really can get anything you want. Those eyes are impossible to say no to.

39. Satisfied Chihuahua

Dog meme featuring a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas make the best meme fodder, don’t they? It’s because they make the best faces, like this one.

40. Paws-ititive Self-Talk

Dog looking at herself in the mirror

When you are feeling down or hard on yourself, be like this dog. Believe you can catch that tail!

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dog with a big smile

Funny Dog Memes That Make You Laugh

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