Olive oil offers a safe, natural solution for dogs’ dry, irritated, and itchy skin. How can you help your dog’s dry skin with olive oil? Learn how it helps your pooch look and feel his or her best and how to use it safely.

Does your dog have flakes on his skin? Many dogs develop dry skin from time to time, especially in the winter when the air is drier. Dry skin is easy to spot – it tends to look pale and a little parched. In comparison, healthy skin looks smooth and well moisturized with flake-free fur.

We all know that olive oil is a healthy fat to consume in moderation, but did you know that it is an excellent moisturizer as well? If you’re looking for a simple remedy for your pup’s itchy skin, a little olive oil can help ease the discomfort and provide some much-needed moisturization.

My dog had some extra dry skin last winter and started scratching herself more than normal. After taking her to the vet and ruling out any medical issues such as allergies we decided to try using olive oil for my dog’s dry skin.

Guess what? It worked.

The Most Common Causes of Dry Skin in Dogs

Wondering what the heck is going on with your pup’s skin? Many dogs experience dry or flaky skin at some point in their life, and it’s common in the winter when the humidity drops. There are some various reasons why skin changes occur, so it’s your best bet to have your vet rule out any medical problems. 

Your vet can take a sample of your dog’s skin to diagnose many different skin conditions. The most common causes for a dog’s dry skin are:

  • Allergies – both food & seasonal
  • Skin Infections
  • Mange
  • Sensitivity to grooming products
  • Stress or Hormonal changes

In our case, our vet thought it was related to winter’s dry air. Just like humans, our dogs can get dry, flaky skin during winter. Our vet suggested using olive oil to moisturize her skin, so we gave it a try.

Can Dogs Have Olive Oil?

Yes! Olive oil offers a safe, natural solution for dry skin. If you’re concerned about whether olive oil is toxic to dogs, you shouldn’t be. You are perfectly safe using this natural oil on your dog, unless your dog is allergic to it, of course.

Not only is olive oil safe to put directly on your dog’s skin, but it’s also safe to put on his food. When adding olive oil to your dog’s diet, the general rule of thumb is to add no more than 1 tsp. for every 20 pounds of body weight with each meal (usually twice a day). 

Can You Improve Your Dog’s Dry Skin With Olive Oil?

I know, I know… now that you know olive oil is safe for your pooch, you’re wondering how “how will olive oil help my dogs dry skin?” 

Olive oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants – especially vitamin E, which all help keep your pup’s skin moisturized and well-nourished. They also add shine and strength to your dog’s coat. Simply put? Olive oil is good for dogs.

If you find your dog getting a little dry this winter help ease his itching with a few drops of olive oil. It’s not only an easy home remedy for dry skin it also has numerous health benefits! Plus, you likely have it in your pantry ready to go, which is always nice. 

Olive oil definitely made a difference in my dog’s itchy, dry skin. Within a few days, I noticed a visual difference and her scratching significantly reduced.

Some Benefits Of Olive Oil For Dogs

I’m definitely impressed with how much olive oil helps moisturize and soothe dogs’ itchy, dry skin. Coconut oil is another fantastic and safe natural moisturizer for dogs’ skin too. 

Relieve Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin

You can apply olive oil directly to your pet’s skin because it penetrates deeply to moisturize. Use your hands to massage the oil into your pet’s skin wherever it looks dry. Then wipe the excess oil off with a paper towel. You can do this once each day until your dog’s skin looks healthy again. 

After that, occasional treatments or bathing with a gentle pet shampoo that contains olive oil should be all you need to keep his skin moisturized.

By the way, you may notice your pup licking the oil off his or her fur. It’s perfectly okay. Unlike many chemical-laden products, olive oil is safe for them to consume.

Reduce Shedding and Dandruff

Shedding can get worse when a dog has itchy or dry skin, so use olive oil to not only make their skin and coat healthier but also to reduce shedding. Dandruff is another side effect skin allergies and dry, irritated skin – adding olive oil to grooming regimen can reduce dandruff. 

Check with your vet first, though, to make sure that the dandruff isn’t medically related.

Flea Control

Not only is olive oil super beneficial for your dog’s skin on its own, but it’s also a great carrier oil for essential oils. To make a natural flea and tick repellent, simply mix olive oil with lavender essential oil in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on your dog’s back and collar. Be sure to avoid spraying your dog’s sensitive areas (eyes, nose, genitals, ears).

If your dog already has fleas, you can put some olive oil directly on his skin to help kill them. Start around the back of her head and administer the oil along her back to her tail (avoiding her eyes and face). Wait approximately three to four hours and then rinse the oil off his skin.

Healthy Coat

If your dog has dry, flaky skin use a combination of rubbing olive oil directly into the skin and bathing your dog with a soothing shampoo that contains olive oil. The omega-3 fatty acids in olive oil help to moisturize your dog’s skin and can prevent the flaky skin from returning. 

Immune System Health

In addition to moisturizing your dog’s skin and coat, olive oil can also be beneficial for his immune system. Olive oil is rich in polyphenols and carotenoids which help to improve immune system health, helping your dog to be able to fight off infection.

Check Your Dog’s Skin Regularly

Dry skin is easier to deal with if you treat it when you first notice it. Brush through your pet’s fur at least once a week to look for scaly skin and flakes, and begin using olive oil right away as needed. 

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Tell us in the comments: have you ever tried using olive oil to relieve your dog’s dry, itchy skin?