The joy of being a dog owner sometimes has its limits, like when you walk into the door and it hits you like a ton of bricks! That wet dog stench you know all too well! So, how do we get rid of dog odors in our house? With seven dogs at home I’ve got a few tips to share!

How To Eliminate Dog Odor In The House

Vacuum Regularly

Dog hair and dander are a huge culprit of the funk that may be lingering around your house. Dander is tiny little pieces of your dogs skin, which is typically what people are allergic to y’all! Vacuuming often will reduce the amount of dog hair and pet dander laying around your house. Make sure to go under, behind, around and over all of your furniture! If you really want to add a fresh smell to the air try sprinkling Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator on your floors before vacuuming! I personally use the Quantum X Upright Water Vacuum in our home. The water filter catches and traps all of the particles and doesn’t allow any to renter into the air!

Remove Dog Urine Smells

Every dog owner will eventually have to deal with the indoor “accident” whether its during house training a new puppy, due to illness, or the aging of a pet that gets overly excited when it sees you. What you don’t have to live with tho is the lingering smell of dog urine in your home. If you find the infamous “wet spot” you’ll want to immediately soak up as much of the urine as you can. Then add some baking soda and distilled vinegar to the area. The solution should cause some bubbling while it works to clean, after about 5 minutes you can blot the area clean with a dry towel. Vacuum the area after its dry to remove any remaining baking soda. But, what about those spots that we didn’t notice right away? The basic way to remove the smell is to first identify the problem area, a UV flashlight can help! Once you find the stain thoroughly rinse the stain with water and apply a pet odor neutralizer to it. After the area is dry, vacuum the carpet.

Remove Dog Odor From Couch

Pet dander and hair loves to cling to your couch and other pieces of furniture! You should regularly vacuum your furniture getting into the cracks and under the cushions. If you can remove the covers of your cushions then you can also toss them and any throws or blankets you keep on the couch into the washing machine. If you can’t wash your cushions you can always take them outside for a little sun and air exposure to help eliminate the dog odors.

You can mix a little distilled white vinegar and water (equal parts) and spray a light mist all over your couch to neutralize dog odors. Don’t worry about the strong odor of vinegar – once the vinegar has dried it will fade. You can also apply a light dusting of baking soda over the furniture to let sit over night and then vacuum off. Make sure you test all treatment ideas in a small area of the furniture before you go all in.

Clean Your Air

Your dogs hair and dander travels through the air. Purifying your home’s air should drastically reduce most dog odors and improve your homes air quality. If you’re not using an air purifier you should get one! An air purifier will remove the dander and smells from the air.  The only catch to an air purifier is to remember to change out your air filters every month. A clean filter will with the efficiency of your air purifier – reducing the odor in your home.

Wash Your Dog’s Bedding And Toys

Y’all – lets be honest. If your dog smells, their stuff is going to smell! A great way to eliminate odor immediately is simply to wash your dogs belongings. Make sure you are cleaning their bedding, toys, water and food bowls! Most dog toys can just be tossed into a washing machine for a quick cleaning. I suggest washing your dogs bedding at least every two weeks. Between washing you can always spray down your dogs bedding with an odor neutralizer! Our Pawsitively Soothing Refresher Spray works great for it!

Wash Your Dog Regularly

Your dogs skin and hair is a magnet for dirt and odor causing bacteria! Regular bathing is a great way to battle against lingering dog odor. One thing to pay attention to is not to over groom your dog or to use shampoos with harsh chemicals. Your dog’s skin produces natural oils and washing your dog with harsh chemicals can strip those beneficial oils from their skin. Our Pawsitively Soothing Dog Shampoo is designed for maximum skin benefits for you dog! If your dog suffers from skin issues they can cause a foul odor! Treat the condition with our Pawsitively Soothing Itch Relief Kit.

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